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Spine Surgeon DallasIf you are having any problems with your spine, it can be very stressful because you may not be aware of what you’re facing. There are a lot of tests that need to be done as well is the possibility for various lifestyle changes that must take place in order to give you the relief you need. At times, surgery may also be necessary but this is something that the neurologist will discuss with you directly. One of the surgical options that may be considered is minimally invasive spine surgery. Why is that beneficial?

Traditional spine surgery would expose the spinal cord by opening up the skin and moving any blood vessels and muscles out of the way. This could result in a lot of trauma to the human body, and it could extend the recovery time significantly. One of the primary benefits of using any type of minimally invasive surgery on the spine is the fact that it will not cause that trauma and it will shorten the amount of recovery time that is necessary. A very small incision is going to be used to access the spine and it will often be done by means of computer guided imaging.

Another benefit is that the skill of the Dallas neurosurgeon must be at the highest level, and that means you’re going to be cared for the best way possible. When any type of minimally invasive spine surgery is necessary, people in the Dallas Metroplex turn to Dr. Kaufman, a skilled neurosurgeon. He will diagnose the condition properly, providing you with options that may be possible to help relieve your pain. At that point, he may also suggest that a surgical procedure takes place, and he can perform it in a minimally invasive fashion.

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Spine surgery center DallasThere are a wide variety of different types of procedures that can be performed in a minimally invasive fashion. Some of the common types include a discectomy and fusion surgery. Discectomy is a common procedure when the intervertebral disc is damaged, as is the case with a herniated or bulging disc. Fusion surgery may occur if the disc has degenerated to the point where the bone is rubbing against bone or if the disc needs to be removed surgically. It fuses the two vertebrae together, keeping them from moving independently.

One other type of surgical procedure is kyphoplasty, which is commonly performed on fractured vertebrae. When a vertebra is damaged, a balloon is inserted through the small opening and expanded to help put the vertebrae back in shape again. At that point, a cement-like mixture is put into the area which hardens and reduces the issues that are associated with it.

If you need any type of minimally invasive spine surgery, the best option you can make is to seek the help of Dr. Kaufman. He has offices in Dallas and Fort Worth and can help you with your spine problem.