Micro Endoscopic Discectomy

How a Dallas neurosurgeon can help you with spine pain

How a Dallas neurosurgeon can help you with spine painThe spine is one of the most complex parts of the human body. It is part of the nervous system that includes the brain and the nerves that branch out into all areas of the body. As a complex area of the human body, it is also prone to certain problems that can exist due to degeneration and the aging process or perhaps because of improper use of the spine. In either case, a herniated or bulging disc may occur and this can lead to pain and other difficulties. Fortunately, there are options available to help treat the problem.

One of the options that may be considered is performed by Dr. Kaufman, a skilled Dallas neurosurgeon. The procedure is a micro endoscopic discectomy. A discectomy is a medical procedure that removes part of the disc that has become damaged. Why is this important? Because the disc may be putting pressure on a nerve root in the area, causing the symptoms you are experiencing. By removing the part of the disk that is causing the problem, it can often help to relieve the pain, numbness, and tingling that may be associated with it.

Another benefit of using this particular procedure is the fact that it is done in a minimally invasive fashion. Open back surgery can be very complex and if necessary, Dr. Kaufman is well known for performing those procedures successfully. By choosing a minimally invasive procedure, however, it reduces a number of issues that may be associated with spinal surgery, including the loss of blood and an extended recovery time. Of course, Dr. Kaufman will discuss all of the various options that may be open to you before any type of surgical procedure is performed. If you do need the services of a Dallas or Fort Worth neurosurgeon, however, he is the premier choice to make.

What can you expect when a Fort Worth neurosurgeon performs surgery?

What can you expect when a Fort Worth neurosurgeon performs surgery?First of all, many people confuse the fact that Dr. Kaufman is a neurosurgeon with thinking that he only performs surgery on the brain. A neurologist is a doctor that specializes in issues associated with the nervous system. The nervous system certainly does include the brain but it also includes the spinal cord and all of the nerves that branch out to the body. They are the best choice that can be made when a complex surgical procedure needs to be done on the spine. Dr. Kaufman has offices in both Dallas and Fort Worth so it is very convenient for you to visit him and have the procedure done.

When you visit Dr. Kaufman, he is going to diagnose the issue you are experiencing. Sometimes it can be difficult to know exactly what disc is causing the problem but he will run the test necessary to make that determination. At that point, he will discuss any potential nonsurgical options and if necessary, a micro endoscopic discectomy will be performed.