A Dallas neurosurgeon can help you with kyphoplasty

JKK Spine - KyphoplastyThe vertebrae of the spine are bones that move independently to help us with our daily lives. They don’t tend to have any major problems, except there are times in which an injury may occur. For some people, it may be a result of falling down or perhaps being in an automobile accident but for others, it may be osteoporosis that causes the issue. In any case, when the vertebrae is injured or damaged in some way, it may be necessary to have a surgical procedure that is known as kyphoplasty.

One of the most important things to consider when having kyphoplasty surgery is choosing the proper Dallas neurosurgeon to care for the problem. It may be a somewhat routine procedure that has a high rate of success but choosing the proper neurosurgeon can make a difference in the outcome. Dr. Kaufman is a neurosurgeon with offices in Dallas and Fort Worth. He is skilled at performing complex spinal procedures and can certainly help with this procedure if you have a fractured vertebra. Let’s take a further look at this procedure and what it can do for your spine.

One of the most important considerations, if you have a spinal fracture, is the stabilization of the bone. When the fracture occurs, it is likely that pressure is going to be put on the nerve roots in the area and this can lead to serious and sometimes debilitating pain. By having the spine stabilized through this procedure, you can reduce the pain and begin living your life as normal again. It can also help to restore some of the height that may be lost if the fracture was a compression fracture. This will help to keep the pressure off of the nerve root in the area.

How a Fort Worth neurosurgeon performs kyphoplasty

JKK Spine - KyphoplastyThe incision that is made for the surgery is going to be rather small and it takes place in the back. Dr. Kaufman is going to do this as a minimally invasive surgery to reduce the possibility of complications that may exist with other types of spine surgery. A tube is going to be inserted in the area so that the instruments can be guided to the proper area. X-rays will be used and a balloon will be inserted into the area to help expand the vertebrae and put it back in position again. This elevates the area of the fracture and puts it into a normal position.

Finally, the balloon will be removed from the area and other instruments will be used to fill the area left by the balloon with something that is similar to cement. This material hardens very quickly and the bone will be stabilized. One of the benefits of this procedure is that it works very quickly and you will likely only be on the operating table for about an hour. Dr. Kaufman can give you more information about this and other surgical procedures to help the spine.