facet disease

Should you consult a Dallas neurosurgeon about facet disease?

One of the often overlooked parts of the spine are the facet joints. These small joints exist on either side of the spine in the area where the vertebrae come together. They have a very specific purpose and most people don’t really give them much thought until they began having problems. Facet joint disease can occur when you have an arthritic problem that leads to inflammation. As a result of the severe inflammation, serious pain can occur.

One of the problems with facet disease is the fact that it doesn’t always appear as a logical type of nerve pain. If you were to have a ruptured disc that was putting pressure on a nerve root, your brain could detect where the pain was coming from. That isn’t necessarily the case when the pain is coming from a facet joint. These types of issues typically come because of a blunt force trauma, such as an automobile accident or falling down. There may also be disc damage that is associated with it, including the possibility of a degenerated disc. Regardless of the issue, it causes the spine to go out of alignment and before you know it, you have pain and other symptoms.

You might be wondering how the issue is diagnosed, as that is one of the first steps that need to be taken in the successful treatment of the problem. A physical examination is typically given, as are x-rays and an MRI. This could tell the tale but sometimes, it is necessary to use a diagnostic nerve block to limit the movement and to detect exactly where the problem lies. This is done in the way of a facet joint injection.

What are the options for facet disease treatment by a Fort Worth neurosurgeon?

When the facet joints are infected, it can affect more than the direct area where it exists in the spinal column. Since it is also affecting the nerves, it can radiate pain, numbness and tingling along the nerve. Many people experience these types of sensations in the arms and legs, but it can affect any part of the body.

There are a number of different things done when an individual is suffering from facet disease. They may be given specific instructions on how to make certain lifestyle changes that could keep them from having the pain and other symptoms to an extreme. They may also be provided with pain medication or instructions to take over-the-counter medication that would help to reduce the inflammation pain to a certain extent.

You can visit Dr. Kaufman in Dallas or Fort Worth and he will provide you with more information on what to do about your condition. He can also recommend a treatment that is known as radiofrequency appellation that may be able to help reduce the problem as well.