Should you use a Dallas neurosurgeon for a discectomy?

Most people probably know somebody who has had spine surgery, as it is becoming a fairly common type of procedure. One of the first surgical procedures performed on the back was the removal of an intervertebral disc in the lower back or lumbar area of the spine. Even today, it is a common surgical procedure and one that can help to remove much of the pain and suffering that is associated with a bulging, ruptured or damaged discs. It is often successful, especially when performed on the part of the spine that is associated with the sciatic nerve.

There are many different types of discectomy, including a microdiscectomy. This is one of the preferred methods for having spine surgery because it uses a very small incision and it does not cause a lot of damage to the surrounding tissue. In most cases, the incision that is associated with a microdiscectomy is going to be under 1.5 inches. This is something that can be discussed with Dr. Kaufman, a neurosurgeon in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He has performed many of these types of procedures and he can get you back up and on your feet again.

The problem with the intervertebral disc is the fact that they can’t be cured when they have been damaged. If you lift something improperly and rupture one of the discs, it is likely to cause some severe symptoms as a consequence. Pain is one of the more common symptoms, because the disc may be resting against a nerve root in the area. Since it is affecting the nerve, it may also cause numbness and tingling to branch out from that area and affect other areas, including the arms and legs.

What are the benefits of choosing a Fort Worth neurosurgeon?

Most people who come to Dr. Kaufman are suffering from severe symptoms as a result of a ruptured or damaged intervertebral disc. He can make the determination as to what is the best course of action to help treat the problem and get you back on your way again. He will then discuss the possibilities, including the possibility for risks that may be associated with any procedure you plan.

Another question that is often asked about the discectomy procedure is how long the recovery will take. When you first have the surgical procedure, you will not be able to do any physical labor, including lifting heavy items. You may need to stay home from work for an extended amount of time but most patients are able to resume work in two weeks or so. During the recovery process, you may not be able to sit for a long amount of time and you might be given a prescription for pain medication. Walking is typically recommended during the weeks after your surgery takes place.

Making the choice as to whether to have surgery on your spine or not can be difficult. By visiting Dr. Kaufman and talking to him about the issue, you will have a much better chance of a successful recovery.