Consulting a Dallas neurosurgeon after a concussion

Concussions-02Concussions Have you ever been hit on the head? The skull is a rather effective means of protecting the brain but sometimes, the blow to the head or other issues associated with it, such as the head shaking violently can lead to our brain function being disturbed. This type of disturbance is known as a concussion. It is a problem that needs to be addressed quickly and professionally because the consequences of having this issue can be severe.

You might be surprised to learn that there are up to 300,000 people who experience a concussion in the United States on an annual basis. Many of those individuals are athletes, and the possibility of experiencing this type of injury can be quite high. On the other hand, there are also many other people who experience this type of brain trauma. It can happen as a result of a slip and fall accident, an automobile accident or simply because we bump our head too hard on something we are walking under. Hitting our head is bad enough but the symptoms associated with concussions are no laughing matter.

Some of the more common signs associated with this problem include an individual being dazed and forgetful. They may not be able to move with the same amount of agility as before and if they are asked simple questions, they may not have the answer quickly. For some people, a loss of consciousness, even on a temporary basis may occur and they may have various changes in either the personality or behavior. As the issue becomes even more serious, they could experience a problem with amnesia, balance issues, dizziness, foggy headedness, interruptions in sleep patterns, headaches and nausea.

What can a Fort Worth neurosurgeon do about a concussion?

Concussions-01When this type of a brain injury occurs, it is very important to have it treated as soon as possible. Part of the treatment process is assessing any damage that has occurred. In most cases, the individual will not lose consciousness as this only occurs in about one out of every 10 concussions. It can even make it difficult to detect if this problem occurs, which is why many people will go to Dr. Kaufman in either Dallas or Fort Worth. He has the experience necessary to both diagnose and assess the problem, as well as treating the issue if you have experienced such a problem.

In most cases, the treatment for this type of brain injury is going to be resting for an extended amount of time. You may be asked to stay home from work or school for a while. It is also important not to reinjure your head by jarring or jolting the skull. You should never take part in any heavy activities, including exercise or sports until you have been given full clearance by your doctor. You should also not take medication unless your doctor has cleared it in advance, including blood thinners, aspirin and any drug that could make you drowsy. The road to recovery can be long, but with the help of Dr. Kaufman, you can get back on your feet again.