Bulging Disc / Lower Back Pain

When you have a bulging disc in Fort Worth

Bulging Disk - Human Herniated Disk

Bulging Disc Lower Back PainAny part of the spine can experience problems but one of the most common areas to have pain is in the lower back. It can be caused by issues that are as simple as pulled muscles but sometimes, the problem is a lot more serious. That is the case with a bulging disc and when you have this problem, it needs to be treated properly and in a timely manner. Unless it is treated properly, you are likely to have a problem with lower back pain for many years.

A bulging disc is an issue when the intervertebral disc between the vertebrae has become damaged. Part of the disc is going to bulge or procure outward, perhaps causing pain by resting on a nerve root. It can also protrude inward in some cases, limiting how much space is in the spinal canal. This could lead to a problem with spinal stenosis. Although a problem with lower back pain can be debilitating, there are also some options that may be able to help to treat the problem and to get you back up and moving about without the pain any longer.

Many people in the Dallas-Fort Worth area come to Dr. Kaufman when they are experiencing problems with a bulging disc or any type of lower back pain. As a Dallas neurosurgeon, he has both the skill and expertise to care for your problem in the best way possible. Sometimes, he may be able to treat the condition by giving you specific instructions on how to reduce the pain through certain types of medication, physical therapy or bed rest. There may be other times, however, when it is necessary to take things a step further.

Treating lower back pain with a Fort Worth neurosurgeon

Hernaited  disc in human spine in detailsBulging Disc Lower Back PainIt is important to recognize that any type of back pain may require some type of surgical intervention. This type of surgery is going to be the last resort and in many cases, Dr. Kaufman will be able to treat the problem without having to resort to a surgical procedure. If surgery is necessary, it is likely going to be performed to remove the offending disc or the part of the disc that has become damaged. At that point, it may be necessary to do further work in order to keep the vertebrae in the spine from causing more problems.

It is thought that more people miss work because of lower back pain than for any other reason. It really does not need to be that way. If you are suffering from pain in the lower back, either because of a bulging disc or because of any other type of problem, contacting Dr. Kaufman is the first and best step that you can take. He will give you the professional advice you need so that you can overcome this problem and do so while minimizing the risk that is associated with any available treatment that was recommended.