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Brain Surgery - At the doctor

Operations may take place on any part of the human body but it is the brain that tends to cause the most concern. What you may not realize, however, is that there are also a number of different types of brain surgery and it involves different areas of the brain as well as the specific condition that is being treated. Some of them may even be considered somewhat routine, although any type of brain surgery is going to be complicated and requires the skill of a Dallas neurosurgeon.

Something to consider if you need brain surgery is the skill of the surgeon that is taking care of it. Dr. Kaufman is a skilled neurosurgeon who has offices in both Dallas and Fort Worth. He is known for performing various surgeries on the nervous system, including on the spine and the brain. This is something important to consider because the experience of the surgeon is always going to make a difference in the skills they have. Dr. Kaufman has both the skills and the experience to handle complex procedures as well as those that may be considered routine.

For most people, brain surgery is completed because there is some type of abnormality that exists in the brain. Some of those abnormalities may have existed since childbirth but others could come on later in life because of an injury, disease or another issue. Some of the more common conditions that would require brain surgery include aneurysms, abnormal blood vessels, abscess, blood clots, strokes, head injuries, fluid on the brain, Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy. This is by no means an exhaustive list but it is one that gives you an idea of how many different types of surgeries their may be.

What type of brain surgery can a Fort Worth neurosurgeon perform?

JKK Spine - Brain SurgerySome neurosurgeons may be specific in the type of surgeries they perform. Dr. Kaufman is known for skillfully performing complex procedures that involve the brain and spine. Some of the different procedures he may perform include a biopsy, craniotomy and deep brain stimulation. Of course, prior to the time that any type of Surgery takes place, Dr. Kaufman will identify the specific problem you are experiencing and offer the options that may be available for your condition.

As is the case with any type of surgery, there may be some complications that are associated with brain surgery as well. This could include issues with bleeding, such as bleeding into the brain or the formation of a blood clot. Swelling may be a problem and it tends to be more complicated when the brain is involved. Infection, seizures, and impairment of your speech or vision may also be issues.

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