Arthritis (Spine) and Bone Spurs

Help for those in Dallas suffering from back pain

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Back PainPain is a problem that all people experience. It can be beneficial, such as the pain that is experienced when you touch a hot stove. The problem is, many people are suffering from chronic pain and it can really limit your quality of life. If you have a problem with back pain, which is a very common issue, you can set an appointment to see Dr. Kaufman in Dallas or Fort Worth. As a neurosurgeon, he understands the causes of back pain and can address the problem in the best way possible.

In some cases, the pain that is experienced in the back can be acute. It may come on suddenly and it may not last for any more than a few weeks. Most people who experience this type of pain do so because they lift something improperly or because of a slip and fall accident. On the other hand, there are times when a more serious medical issue is resulting in the pain you are experiencing. What are some of the more common issues that lead to this type of back pain?

Disc problems – The intervertebral discs pushing against the vertebrae of the spine. They are small, sponge-like objects that exist between the vertebrae and when they bulge or are ruptured, it can put pressure on a nearby nerve root and lead to pain. Not all issues with a ruptured or bulging disc will lead to pain but if it does affect a nerve, then serious pain can result.

Arthritis – Many individuals who suffer from lower back pain do so because of osteoarthritis. It may lead to a narrowing of the spinal canal, putting pressure on the spinal cord. This condition is known as spinal stenosis.

Broken vertebrae – This is a fairly common problem and it can lead to severe inflammation and pain. There are treatments available for broken vertebrae that can get you back on your feet quickly.

When you suffer from pain in Fort Worth

Back PainBack – PainThe first and most important thing to do if you are suffering from back pain is to visit a neurosurgeon in Fort Worth or Dallas. Dr. Kaufman is the top choice, as he can both diagnose and treat the issue you are experiencing. There is no need for you to delay in getting the help that is necessary to overcome your pain. Simply call his office and come in for a consultation with your initial appointment.

Most people who suffer from any type of back pain in the Dallas Metroplex are concerned over the possibility of needing a surgical procedure. Although it may be possible that surgery is required, most conditions are able to be treated with a nonsurgical procedure. Surgery is always the last consideration but sometimes, it is necessary to correct the problem. By using Dr. Kaufman, you are using a Fort Worth neurosurgeon who is well known for providing the best care, regardless of whether surgery is necessary or not.