Anterior Cervical Discectomy & Fusion

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Brain Surgery - At the doctorOne of the areas of the spine that is prone to a variety of problems is the neck, also known as the cervical spine. It can experience any number of difficulties, sometimes related to the muscles, tendons, and ligaments and at other times, related to the spine directly. When these types of problems occur, it can result in severe pain that is long-lasting. It may also cause other symptoms as well that can be difficult to control. When you have these problems in the Dallas or Fort Worth area, one of the options you have available is to see a neurologist for an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion surgery. This may not be the first choice for treatment but it is one that is necessary for many people.

This type of surgical procedure will not occur if you do not have problems with the discs in the spine. When a disc ruptures or is otherwise damaged, it can result in pressure being put on the spinal cord or one of the nerve roots in the area. In those cases, the compression of the nerve can lead to pain in the area itself. You may find it difficult to move your neck from side to side or to touch your chin to your chest. There are many other symptoms, however, that may also be associated with a disc problem in the neck.

Since you are compressing a nerve in the area, the problem can run along the nerve and lead to numbness, tingling, and pain down your arms and to the fingers. Some people may even have problems in their legs and feet when a nerve is pinched in the area of the neck. The anterior cervical discectomy and fusion surgery is able to remove the damaged disc and to relieve some of the pressure that is occurring against the nerve.

Should you consider a Fort Worth neurosurgeon for this procedure?

JKK Spine - Brain SurgeryMany people who have a need for surgery seek the advice of Dr. Kaufman. He has offices in Dallas and Fort Worth and works in both locations. He is a neurologist that is known for complex surgical procedures as well as fairly common procedures, such as a discectomy and fusion. He can also provide an expert diagnosis, letting you know exactly what is wrong and what the treatment options are to help get you back up and going again. You might even be surprised that sometimes, surgery is not necessary.

Spinal surgery, including a discectomy, is typically the last thing that is considered when you have a problem with your cervical discs. Nonsurgical treatment options are the first to be considered in these cases. Rest may be able to help reduce the issue to a certain extent, as can physical therapy and pain or anti-inflammatory medication. Dr. Kaufman may also recommend spinal injections to help reduce the problem. If the anterior cervical discectomy and fusion is recommended, however, he is the best choice for ensuring that it is cared for properly.